Classic Barre

Our signature class incorporates elements of ballet and dance simplified for dancers and non-dancers alike. Lengthen, strengthen and tone your body. Feel the burn and improve your posture, coordination and movement in this truly ballet inspired ‘barre’ class taught by trained ballet dancers. No tutu or dance experience required! Mixed Level.

Cardio Barre

Work and sweat like a dancer in this intense cardio and sculpting workout at the barre. This fast paced, high energy and heart pumping workout will make you sweat! Get ready to burn some calories and have some fun! Mixed Level.

Sculpt & Tone

The name says it all, sculpt your body with this minimal sweat and maximum burn workout. A total body workout with a strong core, butt and arm focus. Instructor utilizes, weights, gliders and bands to create an intense and effective strengthening and toning session. Mixed Level.

Mixed Barre

Instructor’s choice. A full body workout where your instructor will mix things up to create a fun class that incorporates a little bit of everything! A fun and challenging mixed level class.

Pop Up Classes

See schedule for a variety of Pop Up classes, offered at various times in the month.